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Malawi Occasional Chair White

Hire fee

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Total amount to hire:$0.00

Dimensions (WxDxH) (cm)79 x 59 x 84


Skilfully handwoven by village artisans in rural Malawi, no two pieces are ever the same and these stunning chairs transcend cane furniture to a whole new level. Our Malawi Arm Chairs work so beautifully with just about any interior, making them extremely versatile and a crowd favourite. Available in Natural, Black and White.

Please note that these beautifully hand made chairs may vary in size.

A perfect match…

240W x 99D x 75H
$192.50 / week (1 week hire)$115.50 / week (2 week hire)$92.40 / week (3 week hire)$77.00 / week (4 week hire)
130W x 40D x 75H
$95.00 / week (1 week hire)$57.00 / week (2 week hire)$45.60 / week (3 week hire)$38.00 / week (4 week hire)
130W x 70D x 40H
$70.00 / week (1 week hire)$42.00 / week (2 week hire)$33.60 / week (3 week hire)$28.00 / week (4 week hire)
180W x 45D x 67H
$137.50 / week (1 week hire)$82.50 / week (2 week hire)$66.00 / week (3 week hire)$55.00 / week (4 week hire)


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