General questions

No, we are not. We are a hire company. We deliver and collect our stock; however, our customers are fully responsible for the selection and styling of our products. Our delivery team will place the furniture items in the rooms for which they are intended.

You can view our full furniture range online via our website www.huntleyandco.com.au where we have listed the dimensions, colours, finishes and weekly rental prices of each item. There is a small array of furniture on display in our Lane Cove West based showroom, but this is by no means our entire range. Our furniture is stored at an offsite warehouse that is not open to the public. All furniture selections are to be made online.

While the prices of our accessories are available online, you will need to view these in person at our showroom which is open strictly by appointment. We have an extensive range of accessories (such as rugs, art, lamps, cushions, plants, décor, etc) which is ever growing and being constantly updated and is therefore impossible to catalogue online. We also feel that the selection of your accessories to accompany your furniture is very much a see, touch, feel process which is best done in person.

No. All items you see online are subject to availability which we will confirm with you once you place your order. If something is unavailable, we will suggest similar alternatives that are cohesive with your scheme.

With regard to accessories, these are also subject to availability at the time of your showroom appointment.

If you need some assistance with curating your scheme, our in-house styling team are able to help guide you on a look that will suit your home. Please contact us to arrange a time to come into our showroom to discuss your needs.

While you are required to select your own furniture online, we can most certainly assist you with your accessory/décor selections for a nominal fee. We offer a showroom assistance service, where our inhouse stylist can assist with your accessory selections should you wish. They will request photos of your space and work with you over the phone to obtain a brief. Then they will send you images of their selections for your final approval. Pricing for this service is as follows:

Under 5 items $0 (free)
10 items $100
11-20 items $150
21-30 items $200
31-40 items $250
41+ items $300

Yes, most definitely. Should you require the stock beyond your contract expiry date, we offer the option to extend your hire contract on a week-by-week basis.

No. We do not offer partial refunds if the property sells and you book collection prior to your contract expiry date.

Yes. If you are a property stylist or interior designer, you can sign up for a trade account via our website. Once your business credentials have been verified, we will be in touch to discuss our trade program.

As you can appreciate, it is near impossible to individually price each and every decorative item we stock. There are far too many! So, we offer three different sized pods that are priced accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many items make up each sized pod. The best way we like to describe this to our customers is to think of the size of the surface you are styling. If you are styling a bathroom vanity or a bedside table for example, this would typically be considered a small pod consisting of 1-2 small items. If you are styling a small coffee table with a medium arrangement of say 2-4 items, then this may be considered a medium pod. If you are styling a dining table or large sideboard for example, with oversized items or a larger arrangement of items then this would be typically considered a large pod. As you will do your accessory selections here in our showroom, we will guide you as to what is considered a small, medium or large pod. This is something that is at our discretion and we will work together with you on this.

No. A partial style of an occupied two-bedroom apartment can be vastly different to a full style of a completely vacant two-bedroom apartment and therefore we do not offer package pricing. Budgets can also vary so widely from property to property. One property’s budget may allow for the master bedroom to be styled with a bed, headboard, bedside tables, table lamps, an ottoman and a rug at the foot of the bed and an occasional chair in the corner. While another property’s budget may simply allow for the master bedroom to be styled with the bed and one single bedside table.

No. Our furniture is for display purposes only and not is not intended for use. we do however often hire to clients who are living in a home throughout a sales campaign. If this is the case, we ask that the goods are returned in the same condition that they arrive in. If there is any damage or wear and tear, the repair or replacement will be charged for accordingly.

Huntley + Co offers a Risk Protection Agreement which is an optional fee you may elect to pay. Under this Agreement, Huntley + Co will waive the Client’s indemnity in respect of the goods under certain scenarios including theft, vandalism, fire and flood. The Risk Protection Agreement is subject to certain terms and conditions for the waiver to be valid. For more information you can request a copy of our Terms & Conditions. While this fee is optional, it is highly recommended.

Once our goods have been delivered, they are outside of Huntley + Co’s control. You are to ensure that the goods are returned free of damage. Any damage to our goods throughout the duration of the hire period is the customer’s responsibility and you will be liable for either the cleaning and or/replacement costs if the item cannot be cleaned. This also includes damage to accessories or cushions that are left outside and are damaged due to weather or sun exposure.

Order information

No. You can hire as much or as little as you like. We do however have a minimum delivery fee. See below for our delivery fees.

We offer both short and long term hire options. Our minimum hire period is one week. This is not to say you must keep the furniture for one week – we can delivery one day and collect the next if that is what you require (for a photoshoot for example) however you must pay for one week.

If you are ordering the stock for 4 or more weeks, you will receive an additional 2 weeks free. If you are styling a property for sale this is hire period is recommended. If the property does not sell within the 6 week period, you do have the option to extend your hire period on a week by week basis.  

As far in advance as you like. However, we cannot reserve/assign stock to your order until a maximum of 10 days prior to your delivery date. This selection window applies to all orders placed with Huntley + Co and we do this to ensure stock flow is continuous and that product is not taken off the shelf for longer than it needs to be. If you place your order 10 or more days prior to your delivery date, we will diarise it in our system to allocate stock to your order on the day your selection window opens up and if something is not available we will contact you to provide alternative options.

Via our website www.huntleyandco.com.au

Our website has been designed just like an e-commerce shopping website where you add the items you wish to hire to your cart. You will need to specify for how many weeks you wish to hire the items for as this will affect your total pricing. Your quote will automatically calculate your delivery fee based on the quantity of items you have added to your quote. Prior to proceeding to check out, you will need to include the delivery address, preferred delivery date, parking and access information pertaining to the property, your contact information and your reason for hire.

You will be asked to nominate your credit card details once you proceed to checkout. We DO NOT charge you at this point in time for your order in full as we need to confirm if the date and stock is in fact available. We simply charge a $2 fee to verify the credit card. You will be charged for your order in full plus your bond 3 business days prior to your delivery date.

We charge a $1000 bond against damage which is fully refundable upon the return of the stock in an undamaged condition. Your bond will be retained until a refund is requested in writing which you can email to hello@huntleyandco.com.au If there are any outstanding invoices owning to Huntley + Co, or if stock has been returned damaged, the bond refund will be waivered.

If you are likely to be placing subsequent orders with Huntley + Co, we can either charge/refund your bond for each and every order, or we can simply charge one single bond upon your first order and hold on to it for the life of our working relationship. This arrangement is suitable for property stylists who we work with on an ongoing basis who place regular orders.

You will be required to pay a swap fee (starting from $150), and the re-delivery of the replacement item will be subject to our delivery team’s next availability. Similarly, if a piece of furniture does not fit in its intended space and you wish to swap it for something else, you will be required to pay the swap fee. Our website lists all product dimensions, and it is your responsibility to ensure the product will fit prior to placing your order. 

You must provide 3 business days’ notice prior to your delivery date should you wish to reschedule or cancel your order. If you reschedule or cancel your order within 3 business days then you will be charged a fee of $600.

Delivery and pickup

We deliver Sydney wide. Which is typically a 35km radius to Sydney CBD. For out of area deliveries please contact us to discuss.

Our delivery costs vary depending on the number of items you wish to hire: Under 10 items $490 including GST
11-40 items $590 including GST
41-70 items $690 including GST
71-100 items $790 including GST
101 items or more $890 including GST

No. We must deliver and collect our own stock. We do not allow third party deliveries.

Yes, they most certainly do. You are required to meet our delivery team onsite to instruct them as to where you would like the furniture placed. Please note, the property must be adequately prepared for our team, building works must be complete and spaces must be clean and cleared ready for our arrival. Our team is not responsible for moving furniture that is not owned by Huntley + Co.

Yes. However please note we do not offer refunds on any stock that is returned to us on the day of delivery.

If we have not heard from you, our team will contact you prior to the end of your hire contract to arrange collection of the goods or an extension of the contract. Please note, if you have hired for a sales campaign and the property has sold, Huntley + Co reserves the right to collect the stock once your free period commences.

We do not automatically collect the stock on the day your contract expires. It is the customer’s responsibility to book your collection via email or phone. You can book your collection at any point during your hire period, so long as it is three business days prior to the initial contract expiry date. If we do not hear from you regarding a collection booking or contract extension within these parameters, then you will be charged on a weekly basis until your collection is booked. You will receive a reminder email notifying you when your contract is coming up for expiry.

Yes. Our delivery team are trained in art hanging and Huntley + Co offers an art hanging service for an additional charge of $30 per piece (which includes both art and mirrors). Please note that permanent wall anchors will be used. The owner of the property must give their consent prior to our arrival. Huntley + Co is not liable for any damages or make good as a result of hanging art. Under no circumstances will we hang art that does not belong to Huntley + Co.

If a client decides to hang art / mirrors themselves, or via a third party, permanent wall anchors must be used. Adhesive hooks strictly cannot be used to hang any of our art or mirrors.

No. We will provide you with a two-hour timeframe for delivery. We cannot be any more specific than that as there are a number of variables than can affect our team’s arrival time, such as weather, traffic, poor access, etc. We recommend property photography not be scheduled on the same day as installation, as completion times can vary & are not guaranteed.


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