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Huntley + Co accepts payment via credit card only. You will nominate credit card details at the time of placing your initial order via our website/bookings platform, at which point you will only be charged a $1 or $2 fee that is fully refunded once your credit card has been verified. Your credit card will be charged for your order in full, three (3) business days prior to your delivery date. Sufficient funds must be available.

For property styling contracts, when you place an order with Huntley + Co for four (4) or more weeks, you will automatically receive an additional two (2) weeks free of charge. Should the property sell prior to the contract expiry date, Huntley + Co reserves the right to collect the stock once the free period commences.


A $1,000 refundable bond against damage will be payable when you place an order with Huntley + Co. The bond will be retained until all stock is returned undamaged. In order to have your bond refunded, you must request the return of your bond in writing to accounts@huntleyandco.com.au. If there are any outstanding invoices owing to Huntley + Co, or if stock has been returned damaged, the bond refund will be waivered.

In order to reserve stock for your order and secure a delivery date, the bond must be paid within one (1) business
day of the order being placed.

In the event you intend to be placing subsequent orders with Huntley + Co, we can retain your $1,000 bond for the duration of our working relationship, rather than charge/refund the bond for each and every order you place. This arrangement is best suited to stylists who are placing orders with Huntley + Co on a regular basis.


All Huntley + Co furniture and accessories are for display purposes only and are not intended for use.

Once our goods are delivered, they are outside of Huntley + Co’s control. Any damage to our goods throughout the duration of the hire period is solely your responsibility. You must ensure that the goods are returned free of damage. Cleaning, repair and/or replacement costs are applicable to any product that is returned soiled or damaged. You will be invoiced accordingly, and your bond will be retained until this invoice is settled, or you may arrange for the amount of the invoice to be deducted from your bond. Please note, this also includes damage to accessories or cushions that are left outside and are damaged due to weather or sun exposure.


Huntley + Co requires three (3) business days notice in order to cancel or re-schedule a delivery or collection. In the event you cancel or re-schedule a pre-arranged delivery or collection inside of this notice period, a fee of $600 will be incurred.


Under no circumstances are refunds provided if the property sells prior to the end of the initial rental contract or if stock is collected early. We do not offer refunds for change of mind or if the stock is returned.


The entire Huntley + Co furniture range is catalogued on our website and must be selected online. Our furniture warehouse is located offsite and is not open to the public. A small sample of the range can be viewed in person at our Lane Cove West based showroom. All furniture that appears on our website is subject to availability. Furniture cannot be reserved/assigned to an order until 10 days prior to the delivery date, however must be finalised no later than four (4) days prior to your delivery date. This is to ensure consistent stock flow and adequate stock levels.

Accessories (I.e. rugs, art/mirrors, lamps, décor, etc)
While prices are listed on our website so that you may prepare your quote accurately, our accessories range is not catalogued online. You will need to view and select these in person at our showroom in Lane Cove West, which is open strictly by appointment. Accessories cannot be reserved to an order until seven (7) days prior to the delivery date, however must be finalised no later than four (4) days prior to your delivery date.

In the event you are unable or unwilling to attend our showroom to make your accessory selections, we offer a showroom assistance service, where our inhouse stylist can assist with accessory selections. They will request photos of your space and will work with you over the phone to obtain a brief. Then they will send you images of their selections for your final approval. Pricing for this service is as follows:

  • Under 5 items $0 (free of charge)
  • 5-10 items $100 including GST
  • 11-20 items $150 including GST
  • 21-30 items $200 including GST
  • 31-40 items $250 including GST
  • 41+ items $300 including GST


It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your final order is correct and the furniture and stock selected fits within the designated property, lifts and thoroughfares. All furniture dimensions are provided online. Upon delivery, if a piece of furniture does not fit or you change your mind and you wish to swap it for something else, you will be required to pay a swap fee starting from $150. The re-delivery of the replacement item will be subject to our delivery team’s next availability. Please note we do not offer refunds for change of mind or if items do not fit.


Huntley + Co delivers to all of Sydney and the greater Sydney suburbs, as far North as Palm Beach, as far south as Heathcote and as far West as Springwood. If you require deliver outside of these parameters, please contact us to discuss.

Our delivery costs vary depending on the number of items:

  • Under 10 items $490 including GST
  • 11-40 items $590 including GST
  • 41-70 items $690 including GST
  • 71-100 items $790 including GST
  • 101 items or more $890 including GST


We are only able to provide an indicative time for delivery, which is typically a two-hour window. We cannot be any more specific than that as there are a number of variables than can affect our team’s arrival time which are out of our control, such as weather, traffic conditions, poor access, etc. We recommend property photography not be scheduled on the same day as installation, as completion times can vary and are not guaranteed.

You are required to meet our team onsite to accept the delivery and provide access. The property or space that we are delivering to must be prepared for installation prior to the truck’s arrival. This includes removing any unwanted items that are in the rooms or access paths to the rooms that will be styled. Huntley + Co are not responsible for moving any items that are not our own and may refuse to deliver if there are obstructions preventing a safe and seamless delivery. In the event our delivery team move items that are not our own, no responsibility will be taken for any damage done to the item or property.

All trades and cleaners must be finished prior to our team’s arrival. Please note that we are not able to install if the site is not safe for our team, works are still being carried out at the property or the walls are wet with paint. If we are not able to install or collect due to the property or client not being ready, or due to an unsafe site, a fee of $600 will apply.

For OH&S reasons, our delivery team must wear shoes while carrying goods in and out of the property.


It is solely your responsibility to book the collection of Huntley + Co stock. We DO NOT automatically collect the stock on the date your contract expires. You must phone or email to arrange collection at least three (3) business days prior to your contract expiry date. If you wish to extend your rental contract or if you fail to book your collection, the rental contract will continue on a weekly basis until collection is booked. You are required to be present for the collection to meet our team onsite and provide access to the property. Please note that in busier times, there can be a lead time of up to two (2) weeks when you phone to book a collection. If you require an urgent collection, additional fees may apply.


As part of our optional services, Huntley + Co can hang our art and/or mirrors for an additional charge of $30 per piece. Please note that permanent wall anchors will be used. You are required to obtain owner consent prior to installation. Huntley + Co is not liable for any damages or make good.

Under no circumstances will our team hang art that does not belong to Huntley + Co.

If you intend to hang art/mirrors yourself, or via a third party, no modifications are to be made to our art in order to hang it. Art must be hung via the string (if the art is strung) or via the two hooks/rings (if the art is not strung). Under no circumstances are you to string a piece of our art yourself, if it is not already strung or relocate the hooks on the back of the art/mirror. Sticky hooks cannot be used to hang any of our art or mirrors, permanent wall anchors must be used.


From the time the goods are delivered until the time the goods are collected, you shall indemnify Huntley + Co
against any loss of, or damage to, the goods (howsoever occasioned).

Huntley + Co offers an optional Risk Protection Agreement for each installation which you may elect to take up at the time of placing your order. Under this Agreement, Huntley + Co will waive your indemnity in respect of the goods under certain scenarios including theft, vandalism, fire and flood. The Risk Protection Agreement is subject to certain terms and conditions for the waiver to be valid – please see below for full details of the Risk Protection Agreement.

  1. By paying the Risk Protection fee, the renter has entered into an agreement with Huntley Holdings Pty
    Ltd, ABN 61 624 884 788 (trading as Huntley + Co) for the hire of items listed in your Quote (the
  2. The renter agrees to accept and Huntley + Co offers a risk protection agreement in respect of the Items
    for the duration of the rental period against the following risks (defined events):

    1. Theft and/or Vandalism of one or more of the items which has been reported to the nearest
      police station within 48 hours of the event resulting from a forcible entry of the premises where the items are located so long as the location is the same as set out in the schedule or such other location approved by the owner in writing.
    2. Fire or flood damage to one or more of the items resulting from a fire or flood in the premises
      in which our furniture was installed.

Exclusions: The risk protection agreement offered by Huntley + Co in respect of the defined events does not extend to wilful or intentional acts committed directly or indirectly by the renter, or any party related or known to the renter.

  1. The renter shall within 3 business days of a defined event notify Huntley + Co in writing of the event.
  2. Upon the happening of a defined event causing loss or damage to one or more of the items, the renter shall pay Huntley + Co an excess of $100 (one hundred dollars) per item lost, destroyed or damaged (capped at $5,000).
  3. Huntley + Co shall not be liable to the renter or any other person in respect of any incidental loss, spoilage or damage caused directly or indirectly from the happening of a defined event.
  4. Huntley + Co shall not seek to recover from the renter the cost of any one or more of the items lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of a defined event (subject to the exclusions) upon compliance by the renter of the conditions herein contained (the risk protection agreement).
  5. The cost to the renter of the risk protection is based on a percentage of the rental amount which has been included as an “optional extra” in the schedule.


By entering into this agreement, you undertake that you will keep confidential:

  1. your login details to our website;
  2. the content on our website;
  3. the commercial terms and discussions held between you and the Company; and
  4. any other communications between you and the Company.

Any breach of this confidentiality undertaking will result in termination of your online access and legal action for
damages and losses caused to the Company as a result of the breach.

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