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Indie Side Table Mango Wood + Marble

Hire fee

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Total amount to hire:$0.00

Dimensions (cm)50 x 50 x 56

MaterialMango Wood + Marble

The Indie Side Table is a lesson in symmetry and simplicity. This piece boasts a White marble top, with solid Mango Wood cross legs and base that are finished in an Antique Grey wash. Described as a balanced marriage of French classic and rustic farmhouse styles, this piece becomes a versatile choice for property styling. With a slim profile, it can be used in almost any space and as a beautiful backdrop for your accessories to shine.

A perfect match…

$156.25 / week (1 week hire)$93.75 / week (2 week hire)$75.00 / week (3 week hire)$62.50 / week (4 week hire)
$67.50 / week (1 week hire)$40.50 / week (2 week hire)$32.40 / week (3 week hire)$27.00 / week (4 week hire)
$62.50 / week (1 week hire)$37.50 / week (2 week hire)$30.00 / week (3 week hire)$25.00 / week (4 week hire)
$75.00 / week (1 week hire)$45.00 / week (2 week hire)$36.00 / week (3 week hire)$30.00 / week (4 week hire)


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