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Gus Dining Table Black – Large Rectangular

Hire fee

How many weeks?
Total amount to hire:$0.00

Dimensions (WxDxH) (cm)225 x 100 x 75

MaterialTimber Veneer

With its rectangular black legs, this piece can add a structural element to any interior. Its black tones and timeless rectangular frame make it a versatile and easy-to-style item for home staging. Also available in Pale Oak.

Please note that the diameter between each table leg spanning the width of the table is 1595mm. Please ensure your choice of chairs fit within this measurement. The legs of this table cannot be straddled by chair legs.

A perfect match…

$200.00 / week (1 week hire)$120.00 / week (2 week hire)$96.00 / week (3 week hire)$80.00 / week (4 week hire)
50W x 63D x 83H
$37.50 / week (1 week hire)$22.50 / week (2 week hire)$18.00 / week (3 week hire)$15.00 / week (4 week hire)
39W x 32D x 74H
$40.00 / week (1 week hire)$24.00 / week (2 week hire)$19.20 / week (3 week hire)$16.00 / week (4 week hire)
180W x 45D x 75H
$137.50 / week (1 week hire)$82.50 / week (2 week hire)$66.00 / week (3 week hire)$55.00 / week (4 week hire)


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