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Bentwood Dining Chair Elm

Hire fee

How many weeks?
Total amount to hire:$0.00

Dimensions (WxDxH) (cm)40 x 52.2 x 88.8

MaterialSolid Timber

The Bentwood Chair is a timeless 19th century design that has stood the test of time and is arguably one of the world's most recognisable and popular chairs to this day. Its rounded organic shape adds interest and personality to any space and its versatility lends itself to many different interior styles. Available in Elm and White.

A perfect match…

70W x 80D x 87H
$75.00 / week (1 week hire)$45.00 / week (2 week hire)$36.00 / week (3 week hire)$30.00 / week (4 week hire)
200W x 100D x 75H
$157.50 / week (1 week hire)$94.50 / week (2 week hire)$75.60 / week (3 week hire)$63.00 / week (4 week hire)
30W x 30D x 72H
$40.00 / week (1 week hire)$24.00 / week (2 week hire)$19.20 / week (3 week hire)$16.00 / week (4 week hire)
180W x 45D x 75H
$137.50 / week (1 week hire)$82.50 / week (2 week hire)$66.00 / week (3 week hire)$55.00 / week (4 week hire)


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