The Style Segment with Catherine Heraghty of The Stables

This month on The Style Segment we had the pleasure of chatting with Catherine Heraghty, owner and Creative Director of The Stables. With an impressive social media following, no doubt many of you are familiar with the modern Australian, coastal aesthetic of The Stables and if not, you should be! Their stunning use of soft, muted colours, clean lines and natural light has earned The Stables a plethora of fans and we are thrilled to be able to share more from our chat.

Amy: Tell us a bit about yourself and The Stables…

Catherine: We are a boutique interior design and styling company based in Sydney, working closely with individuals and businesses to create simple, timeless and unique design solutions that are both beautiful and functional. With over fifteen years’ experience in property styling and interior design and styling, I am the owner and Creative Director of The Stables. Myself and my small team create spaces that have a sense of light and warmth, and place importance on lasting interiors that will become part of her client’s story at home.

Amy: Where and how did your interiors journey begin?

Catherine: My journey with interiors began over fifteen years ago. Initially I opted for the corporate world studying commerce however I found this very dry, I remember discovering that there were people out there creating and turning what I thought were hobbies into their careers. I was inspired to study Interior Design and Decoration at Design Centre Enmore Tafe. This truly opened up my world and the trajectory of my career was forever changed!

Amy: What has been a career highlight for you?

Catherine: I am incredibly proud of our most recently completed project in Burraneer. It is our biggest project to date, we worked alongside a great team for close to two years from the early stages of concept development through to completion. This project felt like a true collaboration between builder, architect, client and designer. There were so many talented trades that worked on this project from stonemasons to lighting designers, we truly felt lucky to be a part of the process!

The Stables designed and styled each space and as always, that makes for a beautifully cohesive end-result! Burraneer stands out from the rest due to the amount of bespoke joinery, high level of detail and beautiful finishes. We had so much fun playing around with custom joinery, the arches on the wardrobe doors were a firm favourite and something we had not explored previously. Finishes such as the Taj Mahal stone in the kitchen and micro cement in the bathrooms helped to elevate this project to the next level, the interior feels luxurious but in an understated way which is always important to us. We have always shied away from loud and bold interiors. The neutral monochromatic colour palette is calming, it evokes a sense of warmth whilst the abundance of curves throughout gives each space a sense of softness. Aesthetically, this home is beautiful to look at, but it’s the palpable feeling you get when in the home that is the true achievement here.

Amy: How would you describe your own personal design style?

Catherine: I would define The Stables aesthetic as contemporary Australian.

Amy: How do you stay creatively inspired?

Catherine: I think we are so fortunate here in Australia to be flooded with continual inspiration! Whether that be through our relaxed lifestyle, natural elements or the many other talented creatives creating beautiful places and spaces there is inspiration to be gained from all directions and this is the key to creating consistently beautiful and functional spaces for our clients. We are a very passionate and dedicated small studio and we love bouncing around design ideas within our little team, this keeps our ideas growing and evolving!

Amy: Do you have any favourite interiors Instagram that follow?

Catherine: Too many to count! One of our favourite go to’s for inspiration is actually a great friend of ours Nat from The Palm Co. She captures so many stunning projects across Australia so her Instagram is a one stop shop for inspo!

Amy: What is your favourite holiday destination?

Catherine: I like to keep my holidays local and casual these days, life with kids is busy and anywhere I can relax with friends and family I love! A particular favourite would be the South Coast of NSW as I am originally from Batemans Bay and love the feeling of returning home to recuperate like any true homebody.

Amy: If you could only take one book on that holiday, what would it be?

Catherine: For a recent styling job one of our stylists purchased a beautiful book of poetry called A Quiet Sorcery By Ovidian, I loved it so much I got a copy for myself – it is the perfect escapism.

Amy: Tell us something that is on your bucket list…

Catherin: My bucket list is pretty simple, I am more about the simple things in life than the extravagant! My goal would be to continue to enjoy life with my beautiful family and to push boundaries and design concepts in my professional life with my lovely small team at The Stables.

Amy: What are your favourite pieces from the Huntley + Co range?

Catherine: We love anything timeless and versatile, we naturally gravitate to natural linen fabrics and anything oak! Photographic artwork really sets the tone for styling a space and there is so much to choose from within the Huntley + Co range to complement The Stables contemporary Australian aesthetic so it is actually really difficult to single out specific pieces! Considering I am from a property styling background I can see how Huntley + Co have curated a range that could work across so many briefs.

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