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Camille Occasional Chair Boucle

Hire fee

How many weeks?
Total amount to hire:$0.00

Dimensions (WxDxH) (cm)71 x 66 x 78


Camille rings true to contemporary furniture with a beautifully curved profile, featuring a unique split design that draws the eye and makes a true statement. Crafted using luxuriously soft boucle curl with a soft white palette, Camille feels just as good as she looks. Perfect as a show-stopping focal piece or as sensory layer to complement your room. The curvy silhouette is both sophisticated and minimalist, yet textured and cosy enough to add that sense of warmth and finesse to your property styling.

A perfect match…

Large90x90x40/Small60W x 60D x 30H
$70.00 / week (1 week hire)$42.00 / week (2 week hire)$33.60 / week (3 week hire)$28.00 / week (4 week hire)
110W x 45D x 40CMH
$67.50 / week (1 week hire)$40.50 / week (2 week hire)$32.40 / week (3 week hire)$27.00 / week (4 week hire)
$40.00 / week (1 week hire)$24.00 / week (2 week hire)$19.20 / week (3 week hire)$16.00 / week (4 week hire)
234W x 85D x 77H
$192.50 / week (1 week hire)$115.50 / week (2 week hire)$92.40 / week (3 week hire)$77.00 / week (4 week hire)


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