The Style Segment with Steve Cordony

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the incredible work of Steve Cordony, do yourself a favour and check him out @stevecordony. Steve is a leading Sydney based interior and event stylist and the ‘Style Director At Large” for Belle Magazine. Steve and his partner Michael have been undergoing a renovation and restoration of the beautiful Rosedale Farm in Orange, which I recently had the pleasure of staying at. I was in absolute awe the whole time. He has an incredible eye and his designs are curated to perfection. I’m delighted to be able to launch The Style Segment with Steve…

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. A strong mix between contemporary and classic with European detailing.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. Do you have any “must haves” for styling a space?

A. Books, flowers, interesting ‘found’ objects and ceramics.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. How do you create personality through your interiors and styling?

A. Using lighting to create ‘mood’ and using interesting objects that tell a story or have a sense of history.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. When preparing an interiors scheme, what do you start with?

A. I always start with a mood board, both digital and materials based.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. What’s your most treasured styling piece at home?

A. I have a vintage trunk which my partner gave to me for my 30th birthday. 

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. When it comes to interiors, who is your style icon?

A. Joseph Dirand.

Image source:

Q. Are there any trends, colours, materials or brands that you are loving right now?

A. I’m very much into a lot of textural neutrals and deep red/burgundy.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. How do you stay up to date and inspired?

A. Travel, magazines, fashion and instagram.

Image source: Steve Cordony

Q. What are your favourite items from the Huntley + Co range?

A. I love the Atticus Sofa, Wishbone Dining Chair and the Hunter Ottoman!


And that’s a wrap! We would like to take the opportunity to thank Steve Cordony for his time and contribution to our very first Style Segment. It was a privilege chatting with Steve and we look forward to speaking with more amazing creatives each month and sharing inspiring insights in their worlds.


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