Risk Protection Agreement

From the time the goods are delivered until the time the goods are collected, the client shall indemnify Huntley + Co against any loss of, or damage to, the goods (howsoever occasioned).

Huntley + Co offers an optional Risk Protection Agreement for each installation which may be elected to be taken up at the time of placing the order. Under this Agreement, Huntley + Co will waive the indemnity in respect of the goods under certain scenarios including theft, vandalism, fire and flood. The Risk Protection Agreement is subject to certain terms and conditions for the waiver to be valid – please see below for full details of the Risk Protection Agreement.

  1. By paying the Risk Protection fee, the renter has entered into an agreement with Huntley Holdings Pty
    Ltd, ABN 61 624 884 788 (trading as Huntley + Co) for the hire of items listed in your Quote (the
  2. The renter agrees to accept and Huntley + Co offers a risk protection agreement in respect of the Items
    for the duration of the rental period against the following risks (defined events):

    1. Theft and/or Vandalismof one or more of the items which has been reported to the nearest
      police station within 48 hours of the event resulting from a forcible entry of the premises where the items are located so long as the location is the same as set out in the schedule or such other location approved by the owner in writing.
    2. Fire or flooddamage to one or more of the items resulting from a fire or flood in the premises
      in which our furniture was installed.

Exclusions: The risk protection agreement offered by Huntley + Co in respect of the defined events does not extend to wilful or intentional acts committed directly or indirectly by the renter, or any party related or known to the renter.

  1. The renter shall within 3 business days of a defined event notify Huntley + Co in writing of the event.
  2. Upon the happening of a defined event causing loss or damage to one or more of the items, the renter shall pay Huntley + Co an excess of $100 (one hundred dollars) per item lost, destroyed or damaged (capped at $5,000).
  3. Huntley + Co shall not be liable to the renter or any other person in respect of any incidental loss, spoilage or damage caused directly or indirectly from the happening of a defined event.
  4. Huntley + Co shall not seek to recover from the renter the cost of any one or more of the items lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of a defined event (subject to the exclusions) upon compliance by the renter of the conditions herein contained (the risk protection agreement).
  5. The cost to the renter of the risk protection is based on a percentage of the rental amount which has been included as an “optional extra” in the schedule.


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