A Property Stylist’s Toolkit: First Edition

So what exactly does a property stylist keep in their toolkit? Actually, the easier question would be “What isn’t in their toolkit?”

Drawing on our vast years of experience in the property styling industry, we’ve compiled a list of essentials to have on hand to ensure a smooth installation. Armour if you will, to guarantee a successful victory on site!

So, if you’ve been engaged to style a property for sale, be sure to equip yourselves with some of these items (if not all) as the devil is in the detail.

• Cleaning supplies (baby or sugar soap wipes, chux cloths, gumption, microfibre cloth, Windex, paper towels, garbage bags, magic eraser, lint roller, vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan)
• Steam iron
• Electric drill (and all the bits that go with it!)
• Nails, screws, hooks, wall plugs and wire (for all your art hanging needs)
• Level
• Hammer, screwdriver, pliers and adjustable wrench
• Paint touch up pens (for furniture scratches and chips)
• Light bulbs
• Extension cords
• Tape (masking, double sided, electrical)
• Super glue
• Safety pins
• Scissors and Stanley knife
• Tape measure
• Allan key set
• Wall putty/filler
• Sandpaper
• Furniture sliders/mover pads
• Door wedges
• Furniture polish (beeswax)
• Chargers for all tool kit appliances
• Bandaids
• Marketing materials (business cards, brochures etc)
• Camera

Have we forgotten anything? Send us a DM via our Insta page if you’ve got anything to add to the list. We would love to hear from you!

And please keep in mind, if you are hiring your furniture and accessories from Huntley + Co for the purpose of styling a property for sale or a photo shoot, then our delivery team will have most of these items on hand to ensure a seamless installation.


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